Hotel Virtual Tour for Orchid Hotel Singapore

Discover Orchid Hotel Singapore with Our Hotel Virtual Tour

Experience the newly renovated Orchid Hotel, a 4-star gem nestled in Tanjong Pagar, Singapore. Step into our captivating hotel virtual tour, where you’ll discover the essence of this stunning property.

Our virtual tour offers a unique aerial 360-degree perspective, showcasing the hotel’s location and nearby amenities through breathtaking aerial 360 photography. Marvel at how the 20-floor property harmoniously integrates into Singapore’s ever-growing skyline.

Recently transformed, the 272-room Orchid Hotel exudes timeless tranquility and warmth. Immerse yourself in the effortlessly chic and contemporary design, featuring an earthy palette of pastels, greys, and blues.

Embark on a virtual journey and unravel the beauty of Orchid Hotel today.

Aerial 360 Photography for Hotel Virtual Tours

Elevate your perspective with our Aerial 360 Photography Services. Through the use of drones, we specialize in capturing breathtaking bird’s eye views of buildings and their surroundings, creating stunning 360-degree images. Our expertise in post-production ensures the delivery of high-quality aerial visuals for various applications.

Obtaining the necessary permits for aerial activity is a crucial aspect of Aerial 360 photography. As a licensed provider authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, we guide clients on permit requirements, including any restrictions or special considerations related to their location. Our goal is to ensure a smooth and compliant aerial experience.

To deliver pristine Aerial 360 photos, we employ advanced retouching techniques. Unsightly elements such as construction sites or other distractions are digitally removed, resulting in a clean and visually appealing final image. We also enhance rooftops and surfaces to guarantee optimal image quality.

Timing plays a vital role in capturing remarkable Aerial 360 photos. Our expertise allows us to advise clients on the optimal time of day to capture the best lighting conditions, showcasing their building or space in its most favorable form. In post-production, we replace the sky portion of the Aerial 360 photo to enhance its overall aesthetics.

360 Virtual Tours for Hotels and Resorts

Immerse your hotel or resort guests in a captivating experience with our 360 Virtual Tours. With over a decade of experience in corporate hotel photography and virtual tour projects, we offer a unique and interactive way for potential guests to explore the key areas of your property.

We understand the power of 360 photos in building trust with your guests. By allowing them to engage and explore the hotel in a transparent and immersive manner, you can instill confidence in your brand. Our virtual tours provide visitors with a comprehensive view of every angle, meeting their expectations for transparency and authenticity.

Beyond hotel photography, we excel in hospitality-level post-production and retouching. From fabric smoothing to digital surface cleanups and object removals, we ensure the final images meet the highest standards of quality and aesthetics.

Using a Fujifilm Medium Format Camera system, we meticulously capture every detail, processing each image manually to achieve perfection. Our commitment to consistency and excellence ensures a seamless integration with your standard hotel photography.

Elevate your guest experience with our exquisite hotel virtual tours. Contact us today to unlock the potential of immersive visual storytelling for your property.

Please contact us if you are looking for Hotel Virtual Tour Services in Singapore or if you would like a quotation on a virtual tour for your hotel or resort.

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