Campus Virtual Tours for Universities and Schools

Students can Experience Your Campus from Anywhere

360 Virtual Tours for Virtual Visits of Universities and Schools

It is now very common for students to select a university or school based exclusively on the information they can find online. International students and their families have no choice when choosing where they will study overseas. Students are unable to travel to the campus when looking for schools or universities today and virtual tours provide a unique alternative to this problem.

Interactive 360 Virtual Tours provide a solution to these issues by providing a Virtual Walk-through of the campus. They allow schools and universities to photograph the campus with high resolution 360 degree images. We offer a highly interactive virtual tour web interface with engaging features that will compel prospective students to view every corner of the campus.

It is very important to present the unique aspects of your learning institution to attract students to your school. We can choreograph your existing students, staff and lecturers within the 360 degree images to show your prospective students a vibrant campus life. As a result, students can imagine themselves in these scenes with their peers and families can imagine their children learning at your institution while viewing the virtual tour.

360 photography is only a part of the virtual visit. The web interface is an integral part of the viewing experience. Our virtual tour interface is engaging and interactive with responsive description boxes, dynamic pop-up information boxes, animated way-points, and intuitive menu systems. Everything we do is based on custom code. We welcome feature requests so we would love to custom build any ideas you have for your personalized campus virtual tour experience.

We also offer a unique Guided Virtual Tour feature which allows us to create a storytelling experience through each location in the tour. This increases engagement and allows you to guide the viewer from start to end through a scripted experience.

In addition, we have a highly skilled retoucher who can digitally remove all safe distancing measures in place right now. This includes floor tape, stickers and and signs so you can present a timeless view of the spaces and we can forget about the current measures we have in place.

Visual Narrative offers 360 Virtual Tours, Campus Photography and Aerial Photography services in Singapore and throughout Southeast Asia. Students can view your campus from anywhere in the world 24/7 in their own time and at their own pace.

Some of our University, College Polytechnic, School and Education Virtual Tour Services:

–   Students can visit from anywhere in the world.
–   Choreographed 360 photos to show vibrant campus life.
–   Aerial 360 panoramas to show a birds eye view of the campus.
–   Highly interactive and customisable web interface.
–   Pop-up information boxes, videos and links to internal or external web pages.
–   Guided 360 Virtual Tours to lead viewers through the campus.
–   Digital removal of all safe distancing measures.
–   Multi language support
–   Secure hosting options available
–   Client may self host tour on their website

Today’s students live in a world of technological conveniences and our Virtual Tours are developed with mobile devices in mind. The virtual walk through can be experienced on desktop, laptops, tablets and mobile devices with customised interfaces for all devices. They can be viewed anywhere in the world on any device 24 hours a day and 7 days a week in the viewer’s time and at the viewer’s pace.

We can create an engaging and immersive experience of your campus with an interactive virtual tour. This is an incredibly powerful marketing tool which will strengthen your school’s online web presence and increase viewer engagement. Our University Virtual Tours and School Virtual Tours will provide you with a cutting edge tool to engage with your prospective students and their families.

virtual tour interface for singapore university of technology and design aerial 360

Singapore University of Technology & Design

360 Virtual Tour at Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) in Singapore featuring highly produced 360 degree images with posed students. We have created an Aerial 360 as the opening image for the virtual tour which shows an overview of the campus. Using posed students we are able to show a vibrant campus life at the university. We have also digitally removed various “2020” measures such as floor tape. There are custom hover hot spots which show either a video, text or a web link on hover.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore

360 Virtual Tour of Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore. This Virtual Tour features over 40 highly produced 360 degree images in a customised interface. The 360 Virtual Tour is split into 4 main areas: Study, Play, Eat and Chill. The customised virtual tour interface features a 3 tier menu system. Aerial 360 photography creates a spectacular overview of the campus and allows the viewer to navigate to other areas in the virtual tour.

Campus Virtual Tour Services in Singapore

We offer the highest quality virtual tours of school and university campuses in Singapore. We would love to work with you to create something magical for your campus as well. Please feel free to contact us if you would like a quotation for your school or university.